Friday, 30 May 2008

Update Your Wordpress

I've been a little slow recently and have only got around to updating my Wordpress Blog to version 2.whatever, must say I am really impressed with the little changes they have made to it.

Unlike Blogger, Wordpress are making things even easier for webmaters to control and edit there sites.

Well done Wordpress. My desire to move iSmooch over is increasing more and more.

In other news, I realised yesterday why I havent been getting any traffic for a while. Its becasuse I deleted my sitemeter tracker, so infact I may well have been getting traffic but it never registered... what a N00B!!

Furthermore, my Google Adsense earning shot through the roof yesterday... I made $2.67. One of my best days yet.

Along with that, I also received a request to place a banner on one my other sites for a annual Fee. RESULT!! Its not much, but every penny helps.


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