Thursday, 27 March 2008

Tversity on iPhone

As per one of my earlier posts, to view my media on my Xbox 360, I use Tversity to stream it from my laptop to my Xbox, and this works excellently.

I got an iPhone the other day and thought i'd do the same for that, and although it takes a little to buffer, it does work awesomely.

Whats even better, is that you can watch the media on your laptop, on your iPhone, anywhere in the world, just as long as you are in a WiFi area. Cool ah?

So here is how its done:

  • Open the Safari browser on the iPhone and point it to, where is the IP address of the machine running TVersity.

  • It is recommended to do it initially with the iPhone connected to your home wireless network. You can find out the IP address of any given Windows machine by going to Start -> Settings -> Network Connections -> Local Area Connections -> Support tab.

  • You should now see your media library and be able to navigate it and play everything on it. Once an item has been selected for playback please wait till the little Quicktime play icon appears, then tap on it and the playback will start.
  • The only exception is live video streams, which cannot be played due to a current iPhone limitation (live audio streams such as Internet radio stations do work).
  • Please also note that videos that require conversion will start playback only after the entire conversion is complete, so please wait patiently - this is a result of the same limitation that prevents playback of live video streams. Once the conversion is done, you can play the video and FF/Rew freely. Repeat playbacks of the same video do not require another conversions so playback can be started immediately.
  • Congratulations! You have successfully installed the server and used it to play content on your iPhone.
  • In order to access the media library on the go, you need to use the same URL mentioned above but with a different IP address. You can find this IP address by pointing the web browser on the machine running TVersity to
  • You also need to set up your router to forward the TVersity port (by default port 41952) to the machine running TVersity. Step by step instructions are available here. (please note that there are security risks associated with port forwarding and that you do it at your own risk)
  • If you are using an EDGE connection make sure to point Safari to so that TVersity will generate low bitrate videos which are appropriate for streaming over EDGE.

Taken from the Tveristy Website

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