Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Watch the BBC iPlayer on the PS3

Last week the BBC iPlayer was released for use on the Nintendo Wii, giving users another way to experience the greatness that is the iPlayer and ISP providers yet another reason to get angry!

This means that we can now catch up with our favourite BBC programmes on our PC's, iPhones, iPod Touches and now our video console.

Well if your like me an don't have a Wii, this news isnt that great.

Fortunately, a Hacker has found a way in making the iPlayer think your PS3 is a Wii, meaning you can now use your Hi Def games console to watch BBC favs such as Top Gear and Enders!

Again, this still isn't great news to be, as I have a Xbox 360, but still thought i'd share the news.

To use the service on your PS3, simple point your PS3 web browser to!

Its that simple.

It makes you wonder why BBC, Sony and Microsoft have not yet released an official version for the other (current) next gen consoles.

Fingers crossed, that someone will find a hack for the 360!

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