Sunday, 3 February 2008

At War With 3 Hot Girls

That's right, it looks as if I'm at war with 3 young ladies from London called "Smooch". What am i talking about? The number one spot on Google. At the moment if you search for 'iSmooch', this website is only at number 2.

I doubt anyone would even search for iSmooch anyway, but I'd still like to be top dog. At the moment its the Myspace page for a girl band called "smooch".

There are a number of ways to boost your Google ratings, and here's how;

1) Submit your website to Google, its free and simple. Just submit your URL to Google using there submission form and Google well then send there Googlebot out and check out your site. If you don't sumbit a form, they will eventually find your website, but its quicker to point them in the right direction.

2) Submit to other search engines and directories. Get your website out there and let people see what you have to offer.

3) Write clearly and properly, and try and write often.

4) Key word density - If your writing about celebrity fashion, make sure the readers know what you are writing about. Make it clear in your titles what you are writing about and throw in some key words in your post. This will help Google identify what your page is about.

5) Incoming links. These are links to your website from some one else's website. It helps that they use your keywords or phrases when they link to your website. So if some one wishes to put an iSmooch link on there website, it would help me if they used 'iSmooch' as the link word. It would also help if they were a website that had a high page rank with Google.

There are loads of other ways to increase your ranking, just Google 'SEO' (search engine optimisation), and you will find loads of website giving good advice.

SEO, is a very important thing to focus on when creating a website. Obviously you want a lot of traffic passing through your website and the number one way for people finding information on the net is by "Googling it".

So far, most of my traffic comes from Google results. Sitemeter shows me how my visitors get to my website and often enough it is by people searching for something in Google and my page being high in the results. For example, if you Googled "tversity and sopcast" my article on this topic appears on the first page.

Hope this helped.


Dan said...

Where did you copy this from, bruv? ;)

Chris said...

No where. Wrote it myself, as i have done every other post.